• Bouillabaisse Soup
    This phenomenal, ancient recipe from Provence excites huge passion and interest. Bouillabaisse contains fragrant seafood chunks poached in a saffron-enhanced broth. The dish is offered as two courses. First the broth is spooned over toasted bread croutes topped with rouille sauce, which enriches the soup; next the fish it self is eaten. It’s truly a triumph, so do devote several hours to which makes it.


    50 ml extra virgin olive oil

    2 onions that are large quartered

    2 leeks, cut into 5 cm chunks

    4 garlic cloves, chopped

    2 large tomatoes that are red skinned, quartered and deseeded

    a lot of fresh thyme, about 50 g

    1 fennel bulb, quartered

    20 cm strip of orange zest

    2 litres water that is boiling

    1 kg blended fish fillets such as John Dory, red gurnard, red snapper, sea bass and grey mullet, cut into 4 cm chunks

    1 kg shellfish that …