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Ways Of Living With A Family Member That Has Been Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness

One of the most horrifying experience is supporting a family member that has been diagnosed of an ailment that has no cure. After it has been proved that there is no cure for the illness the only solution in these cases is acceptance and moving on. A terminal illness is a disease that has been proved to have no cure, and the end result is death. All rather the only treatment that can be given to people that suffering from terminal diseases is being given medication and supplements to help them live their last days without the severe symptoms of the ailments. However these compassionate providers can help people that are battling terminal illness to cope with the situation at ease. There are various examples of terminal illness that people are battling with these days; they include cancer, HIV and AIDS, leukemia Ebola and many more.

People that have been diagnosed with terminal illness have to learn with the conditions. The problem comes with facing the harsh reality and accepting that our loved one is gone. It is even worse is how to face them every day and pretend everything is okay. There are suggestions that can help people to learn to deal with a family member that is facing the reality of terminal illness. One of the suggestion is that one should be ready to handle the personality changes of the patient. Most likely the patient is likely to feel sad and helpless since they are facing death. People that are suffering from the terminal illness usually have mood swings, they can get mad at people for no apparent reason, they can regret. Therefore the best way to deal with a patient that is going through this kind of stressful situation is being patient with them. Trying as much as possible to be there for them any time they need us.

The second essential thing to do is spare some time and spends time with them. Since they are living their last days on these earth. If at all before they were sick you would take days and months before seeing them, its now time to visit them more often. The patient should not live a life of solitude, they should be allowed to mingle with people. Being around people will help them to feel loved and not left out. Living these patients to be alone, makes them valueless and a burden to the society, the loneliness can reduce their days on earth.

The third thing that can help a loved that is going through a terminal illness is by encouraging them to open up and talk. Talking makes them remember the good times they have lived in this world. However not all patients accept, there are others that are usually in denial. Denial has its advantages because it helps them to cope with the situation expecting that things will change.

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